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Sellers come to this web site to:

  • List their homes

  • Get advice

  • Learn their options

  • Find systems and organizations that will help them sell their home.

Sellers do all this BEFORE they ever contact a mortgage company or real estate company.


We have been here for over six years and are trusted by homesellers and industry professionals. We communicate with them every day, answering their questions and helping them find options to their specific situations.

We do not collect leads. That is why we developed the Find Professionals data base. Sometimes a home-seller will ask us to help them find a professional with a FSBO program  in their area. So, ... we search the web for someone local in the sellerís area.

We donít tell the professional about the seller, we tell the seller about the professional. This means that if your name and company is in our Professionals data base, we donít have to spend the time to do a search to help the buyer find you.

We believe in and support independent mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, title companies, inspectors, and movers. Our sellers do too and they want to do business with someone in their neighborhood. Put your name on our site and they will see you first.

Your listing will contain:

  • Your Company Name

  • Your Web site link

  • Your Phone Number

  • Your Address

  • Your Name/Contact Person 

  • Your Email address 

  • Brief Description: Why You Are Their Best Choice.

Sign up now, ... There is no fee to put your company in our data base!

You can list your company in as many cities as you actually service within each state.





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