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The FSBO manual here is for the mortgage broker that wants to put together their own For Sale By Owner Program to assist the homeowners in their area. There is no one that knows and understands the real estate market better than a mortgage broker.

An active FSBO Program can generate an unlimited amount of quality leads. If it is endorsed and advertised by the company it can make a significant difference in company profits and company name recognition. The extent that you want to get involved is totally up to you. The full program involves the Mortgage Broker providing the following:

  1. Consultation with the seller on loan programs, closing cost, down payment, & advertising options
  2. Home flyers that include financing options
  3. A quality FSBO yard sign - usually includes your company name and phone number
  4. Follow-up to get feed back and to pre-qualify everyone that views the home
  5. A FSBO manual, which includes a guest register.

The serendipity to this program is that if a seller decides to list their home with a real estate agent later, you can refer them to several agents that you know are dedicated to the seller's best interest. Again, this is a win/win situation.

The FSBO manual that is given to the FSBO can be replicated for your loan officers with your office supplies for less than $5 per manual.

The MS Word files to create your own Company Branded Manual is available at no cost if you send me an email with your request. The FSBO Manual content files in MS Word format can be edited with your name and company information and printed out on your letterhead.

You can download the pdf formated FSBO manual right now to review it and decide if the program will be of value to you.

If you are a For Sale By Owner please feel free to download it too.

Right Click here to download.



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